Friday, March 19, 2010

Bethel Place completed 3/19/2010

This mansion is titled Bethel Place. It's really much nicer than this painting shows. It was built in 1855 and can be found just a few miles southwest of Columbia, TN. I sure wish it would have been sunny instead of overcast, rainy, and cold. This is the first painting that I painted from inside my car (at least it was started inside my car). 12"x9" Oil on linen.

On Columbia Square completed 3/15/2010

The lighting, dimension, angles, and color shown in this scene inspired to paint this one. It's not very big ... measuring only 10"x8". Oil on linen.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Memory Lane completed 2/20/2010

We actually got some snow this year. I made it a point to get out and take photos of some of it to paint later ... this photo inspired me. I'm really liking the surface of this Belgian linen. It's texture isn't overly rough and the weave seems to be slightly irregular. Thanks Mr. Richard Schmid, for suggesting it on your website. Oil on linen at 12"x9".

Polk Garden completed 3/5/2010

Getting ready for a show at Columbia, TN. This is a view of the garden behind the James K. Polk home built in 1816. It would have been nice to show the garden as it would appear in full bloom in a month or so ... but hey ... it looked interesting enough to me just the other day. Oil on linen at 12"x9".