Thursday, February 28, 2013

I'm entering four paintings in a show with the Chestnuts very soon. This is the first of the three studio paintings that I did for that show. 10"x8" Oil on masonite.

Steeplechase Valley completed 2/6/13

This one was painted plein-air. Looking in the direction of the sun wasn't easy. My board and palette were in the shade, but the sun was hitting me in the face. Whew! lol 10"x8" Oil on masonite.

Last Light at the Steeplechase completed 2/13/13

That time of day when that last warm light makes the tress glow with orange tones. 10"x8" Oil on masonite.

Steeplechase Fencing completed 2/20/13

This was a challenge to paint but I couldn't pass up the 'flow' of the fencing. 16"x12" Oil on masonite.