Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Inclined to Hear completed 8/12/2010

I entered a paintout in Roswell, GA last month. This was the first paintout for me and it lasted for three days. Each of the 75 artists could enter only two paintings and the paintings couldn't be touched up in the studio ... so, it was totally a pleinair competition. This is a painting from under the Vickery Creek walk across bridge. I arrived late and only had two days to paint ... the plan was to pick a morning spot/painting and an evening spot/painting for two days. These would be my two paintings to enter into the competition. The sunlight would be basically the same. However, it rained BIGTIME the night after the first day. The creek waters were about one and a half feet DEEPER on the morning of the second day and the water went from being very transparent to being opaque and muddy! I had to finish the painting from memory. The best part was that I won second place with this painting! Thank you, Lord ... for an experience that I'll never forget!!

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